Southern Meat Kitchen

An American BBQ concept restaurant in Taupo, opened a year ago followed by their mobile foodtruck. They cater strongly to the carnivore with their range of meats, smoked and cooked Low n Slow on our Traeger wood pellet smoker. SMK offer Tex Mex Chicken, Beef Brisket & BBQ Pulled Pork, Served in a burger or […]

Ants Franklin

Ants Franklin is a classically trained chef of 18 years. For Ants the love of cooking with fire started at a young age cooking traditional cultural foods over hot rocks (Umu). Ants was introduced to the art of traditional American low & slow barbecue and fell in love with the simplicity of the low & […]

Dixie Barbecue

Dixie Barbecue is a food truck and mobile food vendor based in Auckland and we provide authentic American barbecue. The meat is cooked low and slow smoked using traditional woods. The trailer is fitted with a commercial Southern Pride wood smoker from Tennessee, U.S.A. This allows us to cook a large amounts to a consistent, […]

Zac Grammer

Born and breed into butchery by visiting his dads butchery on Sundays from the age of 5. At 13 Zac was working the Christmas rush and began his apprenticeship at the age of 17 where his father taught him the ropes. After completing a my butchery apprenticeship, the family butchery was sold and Zac spent 3 years at one of the busiest […]

Country Boys BBQ (AUS)

We are just two mates that have been friends our whole life and have found a passion for ‘low and slow’ BBQ . Being both from the bush, we sold the boat and build a pit on the trailer in its place. Now we have a go anywhere attitude towards our compitions. So NZ watch out, here […]

K.C.BBQ Boyz

Uncle Mike’s Kansas City BBQ offers an authentic American BBQ features slow-smoked meats seasoned with our spice rub and topped with the house BBQ sauce. Mike Oxley (left on the photo), owner of Uncle Mike’s the first American BBQ restaurant in New Zealand. He grew up in Kansas City, one of the epicenters of BBQ, […]

Royal Chant

Royal Chant is a garage band founded by American ex-pat Mark Spence, and through numerous line-up changes they’ve spent the last 7 years crisscrossing the motherland and hopping ponds playing stages big & small. With an impressive catalog thanks to constant writing and recording they keep cranking out their fuzzy poetic pop songs that always […]

Big Moe Cason

I’m Big Moe Cason and I love BBQ. I love it so much that I compete on a national level. I’m a one man team having completed in approximately 250 contests in 35 different states since 2006 all while maintaining a full time job. I’m a self-taught Pitmaster, and what initially was a hobby is […]