Glasseye Creek

Batch after batch, brew after brew, whiskey after whiskey we endured, seeking the perfect sauce to complement the famous wild meats of the West Coast of NZ, that up until that hazy night (in our red eyes), did not exist. Glasseye Creek goes beaut with beef, pork, venison, chicken, fish, lamb, prawns, mutton, rabbit, duck, […]

Danny Balboa’s Sauce Co.

Fight Sauce is a mind blowing blend of barbeque and traditional tomato sauce, with applewood-smoked tomatoes, sweet bourbon and a mild chipotle kick.

Huffman’s Sauces

Born out of Wellington, the result of years of work at the top of his field, master chef Nicholas Huffman’s sauces are amongst the finest sauces of their kind in the world with a World Champion Title, Gold and Silver Medals across the range. The sauces are crafted to work as seasonings to bring balance […]