The Purest Taste, From the Purest Place…

On a pair of islands at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand’s natural beauty is distilled into a beef so pure, so tender, and so tasty, it simply melts in the mouth. This unique location, with its green rolling pastures bound by blue clear oceans, captures the essence of our beef, harbouring rich nutrients, low fats and fine marbling, to deliver extraordinary flavour.

Our Angus cattle are animals of calm and quiet nature, at ease in their surroundings. They roam the pastures of the vast open landscapes for all twelve months of the year, grazing and foraging on some of the finest grasses known to man.

Our story begins with our farmers, the guardians of the cattle. Traceability is paramount and so from the paddock, under the watch of inflexible quality control, AngusPure beef travels through the supply chain until it reaches the plate. This is where the magic is delivered, bite upon bite.

AngusPure beef is a rare delicacy of unique origin, matured gently over time and brought to you. An unmatched ingredient for the inquisitive mind. An unmatched experience for the captivated palate.