Bradley Smokers

Bradley Smokers are a Canadian product that has been on the market for over 15 years, in Australia all sales, distribution and service are carried out by AllStar Products, our Brisbane based company.
The art of food smoking dates back thousands of years when people used it as a way of preserving and flavouring food in a home built smokehouse that was part of their home. These days we don’t rely on preserving food as much through smoking as we have the luxury of refrigeration. So we tend to smoke food for the fantastic flavour it imparts on the food. Especially when done correctly. And that’s where Bradley steps up to the plate.

Bradley smokers have a unique, patented, method of ensuring clean fresh smoke all the time with an automatic wood advance and burner method. This is very important when smoking as any wood that turns to ash releases resins that can impact the flavour of the food. Together with the cooking function on all models you can have salmon ready to eat in an hour!
Combined with the largest range of natural wood flavours available in Australia the Bradley is designed to deliver stunning results.

Bradley also delivers a range of accessories such as Digital Thermometers, Bradley Cook Books, Recipe swatches, Jerky racks, extra stainless steel racks, Bradley Cures, all Weather covers, sausage hooks, Magic mats and of course, Cold Smoke adapters.

Finally, it’s important to know that smoking is not just about fish or chicken. It’s also about Bacon, Olives, Butter, vegetables, eggs, cheese, ribs, pork belly, duck, venison, Brisket, pulled pork shoulders, hams…..the list is endless and is only confined by your imagination.

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