Brooke Schubert

In the ever-evolving landscape of Australian music, Brooke Schubert stands tall as a shining beacon of versatility and talent. With her third single, aptly titled ‘Stronger,’ on the horizon, she’s set to cement her status as the best all-around new artist in the Australian music scene.

Brooke’s journey into the world of music began with her debut single, ‘New Kids In Town,’ which made waves in the Australian Country Charts, where it remained for a staggering 15 weeks. Thanks to her legion of dedicated fans, tireless support from community radio, and airplay on Australia’s biggest Country Radio stations, such as Triple M Country and iHeart Radio, Brooke’s star began to rise.

Her sophomore effort, ‘Burn Like Summer,’ proved to be another milestone in her burgeoning career, amassing over 150,000 streams and earning a coveted spot on Spotify Fresh Country, among many other playlists. With her distinctive voice and musical style, Brooke’s songs have a way of standing out in today’s crowded music landscape, a testament to her unique talent.

But Brooke’s journey doesn’t stop there. She’s made her mark as a collaborator, lending her vocals to Travis Collins’ #1 Album and title track, ‘Any Less Anymore.’ Her partnership with the duo Route 33 produced the hit song ‘Simple Things,’ which quickly gained over 300,000 plays across various platforms within just three months of its release.

As her career continues to flourish, Brooke eagerly anticipates showcasing more of her artistic prowess. And make no mistake, she’s unlike any artist you’ve heard before. Her forthcoming album, slated for release in April ’24, promises to be a game-changer. Reflecting her eclectic inspirations, she seamlessly traverses the realms of Rock and Country, creating a sound that is uniquely her own.

Brooke’s journey through the music world has been nothing short of remarkable. Her profile received a significant boost when she shared the stage with the legendary Keith Urban during his ‘Light The Fuse’ tour of Australia.

September 2023 Now, as she readies herself for the release of ‘Stronger’ and her upcoming album, her star continues to rise, and her artistry continues to evolve.

Stay tuned for Brooke Schubert’s ‘Stronger,’ the defining moment in her journey, and prepare to be captivated by her distinctive sound and undeniable talent. In an industry that’s always changing, Brooke Schubert is a shining star on the rise, and her story is just beginning.