Carolina Smoke

Nick, the founder, and Pitmaster of Carolina Smoke was born and raised in the USA and grew up in North Carolina. NC is well known for being one of the most prominent and famous states for Low N Slow BBQ. Nick grew up around the smoke as BBQ was a way of life down in Fayetteville NC, you could be sure that if there was a family event going on, there would be a “Pig Pickin” (whole hog BBQ) about to go down! Over the years Nick grew his love for BBQ into a full blown passion. After moving to Sydney and seeing that American BBQ has steadily been growing in popularity he decided to throw in the tie and put on the BBQ gloves an Apron, and get back to his roots. He has been serving delicious smoked meat to friends and family for years but finaly with patience and passion he cannot wait for Greater Sydney to take a bite into the most succulent and mouth-watering tastes and flavor that Low N Slow BBQ has to offer.