Caveman BBQ

@CAVEMAN BBQ we are all about the basics of cooking with WOOD and FIRE to produce our LOW n SLOW SMOKED tender cooked MEAT.

We use weather dried and seasoned  New Zealand native timber to fuel our locally custom built OFFSET trailer mounted CAVEMAN BBQ, to produce our tender, melt in the mouth, succulent MEAT cuts.

It takes over 8 hours to produce our distinctive, smoky, well caramelized fat flavours from the toughest cuts of MEAT which we source locally from stock produced  in  the Wairarapa Region, just north of Wellington .

Our menu @CAVEMAN BBQ is uncomplicated, with our well-seasoned, lovingly rubbed, slow cooked Angus Beef Brisket and Pork (BUTT) Shoulder and served with hand cut slaws, delicious sauces in buns or wraps and our Smashed Potatoes.

Bob and his team are available for functions and festivals. Check us out on Facebook: CAVEMANBBQ@acquiredtaste2018