Che Lucio Argentinian BBQ

Che Lucio was born out of a passion for traditional Argentinian BBQ, and an excitement to share this with people on the street of NZ.

Chef Lucio is originally from Patagonia. He comes from a family of baker and cooks. He spent his young years travelling and working in different restaurants around Argentina, until he decided to travel the work with Maria, picking NZ as their first destination.

He has specialize in BBQ over the years, and after a few years working in Wellington and Auckland, decided it was about time to venture into his own business.

Maria is the brain / admin person in the business. With a business background and an IT professional, juggles with her 2 passions, business and cooking.

Che Lucio translate to “Hey Lucio” (slang expression widely used by Argentinians, and latin people)
Those two passionate BBQ aficionados believe food is the best introduction to culture, and cook all of their food
over traditional wood-fired grills.

“The Best way to be introduced to a culture is through food – it’s the way of sharing a slice of Argentina, to the local NZ community”