Culley’s; named after owner and founder Chris Cullen [Our Culley], a playful nickname that has revolutionized the world of hot sauce as we know it. A firm favourite in many Australasian pantry; this down-to-earth Kiwi brand is busily crafting its way into many more around the globe.

Fuelled by Culley’s insatiable passion for all things spicy, fresh and flavoursome, and combined with over a decade experience working as a Chef in New Zealand and Australia, set ‘Our Culley’ on a quest to explore the far reaches of the world for its finest produce and most exotic flavours. Upon his return [and with much encouragement and goading from his mates] he set about crafting a range of multi-award-winning sauces.

Now donned “The Foodies Choice”, Culley’s is celebrated around the globe with an array of awards and accolades. Using only the freshest, finest ingredients, Culley’s condiments transform any meal. You’ll see why anyone who tastes Culley’s, LOVE’s Culley’s!

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