Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee – from a simple passion for meat to international reference in the BBQ world

Daniel Lee is a meat lover. What at a first sight may sound simple, it’s actually a big part of this 36-year-old’s life. Currently an international reference in the American BBQ, Daniel left the stability of the corporate world, where he worked for fourteen years, to become an expert in dry-aged and smoked barbecue in the United States. His focus and commitment made him the first Brazilian judge to join the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS), the largest international barbecue entity, and to become one of the world’s leading Pitmasters.

More than a “professional meat expert”, Daniel is active throughout the meat production and consumption business. He cares deeply in training professionals, developing sustainable practices, improving preparation techniques, certifying products, promoting events and professional tournaments and of course, representing his country internationally. He also dedicates a big part of his agenda researching and studying, always seeking new techniques and processes that could improve this sector.

His commitment to spreading the BBQ culture consciously and professionally in Brazil, as well as his desire to have more Brazilian Pitmasters participating in international events, led him to found the Pitmasters Brasil in 2016. Based in São Paulo, the institution dedicates in developing the meat market, certifying and representing the barbecue culture, sponsoring regional competition from north to south of the country and organizing the National Pitmasters BBQ Championship, which will select a team that will participate in international competitions to represent Brazil.

Through the Pitmasters Brasil, Daniel teaches workshops and consults around the country, addressing various topics about the animal protein world in restaurants, bars, butchery and meat boutiques to enthusiasts seeking to develop butchering techniques, preparations and finalizations.

Besides workshops, events and tournaments in Brazil and outside, Daniel opened his own BBQ-related business, a “meat house” named Bark & Crust, which includes a bar/restaurant, butchery, rotisserie and dry-aged meats.

About Pitmasters Brasil

Founded in 2016 by Daniel Lee, Pitmasters Brasil is an institution that qualifies, certifies and represents the American barbecue culture in Brazil and worldwide. The entity already trained and certified more than 72 international judges and has 13 instructors that promote workshops throughout the country. Annually, it receives thousands of students in its workshops of American BBQ (Pitmasters Cooking Class).

The main pillars are:
Train and certify Pitmasters, international judges and instructors
Organize national and regional tournaments
Represent Brazil in the American BBQ tournaments worldwide
Certify regulations and products