Diva Q (USA)

Danielle Bennett aka Diva Q is a certified barbecue & grilling expert, Pitmaster, celebrated TV host, BBQ teacher, best-selling author and former world pork, bacon, sausage, & grilling champion at the largest most respected bbq contests in the world. With over 400 bbq awards to her name & having taught over 10000+ students she is an authentic & respected bbq industry leader and ambassador for all things Grilling & BBQ. 

As a motivational speaker she speaks on overcoming adversity, going after your goals and working for what you want. 

She has travelled the world visiting over 500 bbq joints roadside stands & restaurants learning from their owners and pitmasters. 

Her best selling cookbook Diva Q’s bbq was nominated as a World Gourmand best cookbook in the world. 

As the most influential woman in bbq in the world she has been an expert bbq judge on the Food network, Destinations America’s – BBQ pitmasters, The Travel Channel America Grills, & more.  

Her recipes & expertise have been featured on the Today Show, in countless articles online and in print. 

As a proud brand ambassador & culinary instructor for Traeger Grills she grills, bbq’s , explores and writes about all aspects of bringing people together through bbq & grilling. 

She lives by her trademark:

Life is too short for bad BBQ!