Dunny Buddy

We’ve now been armouring peoples toilet paper with Dunny Buddy® for quite some time, however we weren’t happy just looking after their dunny roll. We wanted to protect all their paper rolls, so we’ve introduced Paperpod-, THAT’S RIGHT! We now have a protective case and dispenser for your paper towel. Like Dunny Buddy®, it’s 100% designed, engineered, manufactured & packaged locally in Melbourne Australia. It offers the user the same features and benefits that made Dunny Buddy® the WINNER of Best New Product 2022. These benefits include being able to transport, store and use your paper towel without compromise, keeping it safe from water, dirt, dampness and unraveling. Paperpod- has the flexibility of being used whilst on your outdoor adventures, kicking around the Barby and is equally at home in the kitchen. It allows you to stand your roll up vertically as you traditionally would without the hinderance of it unraveling or even worse, being blown onto the floor. The removable and adjustable carry strap gives you the ability to hang your Paperpod- in almost any situation or for a more permanent fixing solution you can hang it through the hollow centre by any means you like. Another benefit of your paper towel being armoured by Paperpod- is that it’s a completely hygienic way of storing and using your roll. It won’t become contaminated by insects and flies whilst sitting there not in use, or spoilt by dirty hands whilst grabbing it during food prep or being passed around the table with family and friends. Paperpod- is available & shipping now. Paperpod- will accommodate the majority of standard size rolls with a maximum diameter of 11.5 CM / 4.5 Inch & width 20 CM / 7.9 Inch. It is not compatible will double length rolls. Paperpod- – Keep it 5 star wherever you are®.