Full Metal Kettle

Fresh from taking 1st place in pork ribs at Creekside in their first ever comp, Melbourne’s Full Metal Kettle are preparing to make waves on the Aussie Barbecue circuit. Armed with several hot kettles and insane international flavour profiles, they dare to challenge all in the realm of smoky, meaty, culinary deliciousness. Full Metal Kettle is headed up by burger-master/beefy-king, Booma “Hollywood” Bromage (Booma’s BBQ);  Midwestern mad-scientist flavour-guru, Jonathan “JB” Bell; and token bearded, tattooed BBQ stereotype, Al “The Gammatron” Gammie. Already warming the pits and lining the stomachs to barbecue for their home crowd at the inaugural Meatstock Melbourne, Full Metal Kettle are BORN TO GRILL!