Giesser Knives

GIESSER WORLDWIDE – stocked by Dunninghams

Made in Germany since 1776, Giesser knives are solid, honest and highly functional tools for everyday use.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality knives and accessories. GIESSER produces more than 8,000 knives daily at its plant in Germany. The broad product range includes 2,500 different forged and stamped knives. These are the knives the professionals use!

GIESSER products feature outstanding materials and first-class workmanship. Three factors play a key role in producing a top-quality Giesser knife: the basic materials, the hardening and the processing. You’ll find the right tool for every job.

The PremiumCut BBQ Knife range

Arresting design, unbelievable sharpness and perfect workmanship combine to make the new knife series something very special. A first glance is all it takes! All knives are unique showpieces and still highly professional tools.