Handsome Devils Co.

Handsome Devils Co. are pioneering a new path in Australian flavour, bringing you award-winning quality condiments made with the finest ingredients. 

Our hot sauces emphasise flavour rather than heat (although they’re pretty fiery too). We chose our favourite chillies and then enhanced their flavours with other quality ingredients.

Chipotle – our signature sauce blends smoke-dried jalapeno chillies with a dark and mysterious mix of spices for a rich, smoky treat that’s great on just about everything. 

De Arbol – a classic Mexican red sauce with two kinds of chillies, a fistful of spices and a healthy kick of vinegar. Recently named Australia’s number one hot sauce by The Good Food Guide.

Savina – we combine the legendary little habanero chilli with a unique mix of coriander and mango for some serious heat with a fruity kick.

Verde – Tangy…herby…verdant. HDC Verde is freshness in a bottle. We’ve blended crisp green tomatoes with a zesty bunch of herbs and spices to create a little green devil of a sauce. Dip right into it, or drizzle over fish, fresh salads, tacos…the list goes on! Deliciosa!

Let’s not forget about HDC’s latest addition to the family. 

Reinvented Australian classics, with not a hint of chilli or added sugar in sight!

BBQ: Rich, thick and packed with flavour HDC BBQ is the life of every party. An awesome blend of plum, apple and quality spices brings this Australian BBQ classic to life. Take it to your next BBQ and make every sausage dance.

Tomato: Tomato sauce for those with taste. HDC tomato sauce reinvents the Australia classic in a frenzy of rich tomato, vinegar and spices. It’s the perfect balance of acidity and sweet tang, without a hint of added sugar in sight. Tomato sauce was never meant to be boring.