Heat Beads Meat Wagon

Heat Beads® has been behind most backyard BBQ’s since 1970 and supporting Meatstock events from the beginning.  The Meatstock craze has been spreading faster than rumours at a gossip convention, and we thought, ‘Why not crank up the sizzle and sprinkle in a pinch of mischief?’

And voilà, enter the show-stopping duo – The Meat Wagon and the Flamin’ Mongrels!  The Mongrels are no strangers to BBQ glory, they’ve been battling it out in BBQ competitions for years and when the chance to partner up came knockin’,  they jumped in faster than you can say ‘beer, BBQ, and good times!’

The Mongrels are not just BBQ gurus; they’re also fantastic crowd charmers! They’ll demonstrate how to grill anything and everything over live fire, from sausages to ribs to pineapples and even pigs!  So, what are you waiting for?   Stop by the Heat Beads® Meat Wagon at the next Meatstock event, where Brett will invite you to ‘Suck His Bones’ (in the most BBQ-friendly way, of course)! We’re talking guessing contests, tantalizing food samples, giveaways that’ll make your heart race faster than a sprinter, prizes that’ll leave you grinning like a Cheshire cat, cornhole games to keep your competitive spirit alive, and enough belly laughs to make your ribs (the edible ones) feel jealous.

And when that glorious bell rings, you better believe the food samples are up and ready to be devoured. So, don’t walk, run to the Meatstock party of the year!”