Hemi Marcum

AKA The Guardian / Hemi The Butcher … Kia Ora ! I was a cleanup boy at 14 in 1984 @ The Bader Street Butcher Shop in Melville ( South Side ) Hamilton. When I became a 2nd year 5th at Melville high school .. I said that’s it ! I  went into a pre employment class at school .. and a position came up at Foodtown Central for a Apprentice Butcher .. 1985 I started my apprenticeship to 1989 – trade cert qualified. I was fortunate to be trained by the Maori trade training boys with the rest of the butchers at that time thru my career at Foodtown .. we had ten butchers all up .. Hamilton Foodtown Central was the Best Supermarket at that time . Also mentored and furthered trained by Waikato’s Old Butcher Bill Waring . My trade has always given me a job hare and everywhere else I’ve been … I’ve never been out of work as a butcher. I’m in this competition to be the best . It’s not often that something like this is bein held …. so I must enter ..My biggest claim to fame is being an actor in the Sci Fi Thriller Guardians”. Where I’m a Maori Batallion Warrior  ” Marcus ”  / Hemi the Butcher .. who hates guns but loves knifes/Axes/Gerkin knifes  … lol I had to tell you that. I work at Lifestyle Meats a great butcher shop  in Dinsdale Hamilton. I’m Ngati Tamatera / Ngati Tewehi / USA  I look forward to working alongside my fellow competitors . Having a Mean Day and Seeya all on the Stage.  Kia Ora  Katou