Hoy Pinoy

Bringing true Filipino BBQ to the masses, has been Hoy Pinoy’s calling since launching more than 6 years ago.

All of Hoy Pinoys food is cooked over natural charcoal.
Our sauces, glazes, skewers, condiments are made in house using “owner” Regina’s family recipes.
Our menu staples & favourites
Inihaw na Baboy in Banana Glaze ( Pork belly skewers )
Inihaw na Manok in traditional Soy Glaze ( chicken skewers )
Hoy Pinoy Lechon (rolled charcoal roasted Pork middle )

We make the call out at all events, festivals, popups across Australia & New Zealand that we attend “Kamain tayo” ( “lets eat”) , inviting friends, family, newcomers to eat together which forms the basis of the Filipino culture & community.

So Sundin ang Usok! (follow the smoke) and join us for some BBQ