Kansas City Bill’s BBQ

BBQ in the US is very different by region, with Kansas City famous for slow cooked Pork Ribs, and “Burnt Ends”, which is a Kansas City specialty made from Beef Brisket. Kansas City is also known for tomato based, sticky. sweet BBQ Sauce, (which has become the standard BBQ Sauce used nationwide). Bill’s Chipotle BBQ sauce is available commercially.
Our journey into BBQ began in the 1970s, where our pitmaster Bill, worked for Smokestack BBQ, in Kansas City. It was one of the top 4 BBQ joints in Kansas City. Since coming to Australia in 1988, Bill has been perfecting the authentic flavors of Kansas City BBQ, and started developing rubs and sauces that meet that criteria. He continued sharing his BBQ skills with friends & family, & invested in a mobile smoker, and pops up around Melbourne, catering for parties, weddings, etc…, and continues to share authentic Kansas City style American low & slow BBQ here in Melbourne & all over rural Victoria.

A Kansas City native, William “Bill” Davis grew up in one of the best BBQ towns in the USA. He worked in one of the best BBQ Joints there as a young man, and has been cooking low and slow here in Australia for more than 12 years.