Mestiza is a brand that is dedicated to bringing a unique and authentic taste experience to Australia. Born from the idea of introducing flavours from the other side of the world, Mestiza is all about elevating the taste of homemade meals with ease. 

The brand’s philosophy is centred around using fresh ingredients and avoiding preservatives, ensuring that the products are of the highest quality.

The Mestiza range currently includes three products: 

Chimi, an Argentinian chimichurri; 

Guasa, a Venezuelan avocado dip with a Mexican twist; and 

Macha, a smoky and flavorful Mexican chilli oil. 

These handcrafted condiments are designed to take your homemade meals to the next level and are available in both small and large sizes.

Handcrafted gourmet condiments made with love in Brisbane – pure magic you can drizzle!