Red Gum BBQ

Australia’s largest BBQ and Beer joint was born from a fusion of traditional family recipes and a passion for bringing people together over a love of low and slow BBQ. Classically tucked behind a servo in the Mornington Peninsula hinterland, Red Gum BBQ is a celebration of locality, with a menu that connects authentic Southern-style BBQ and processes with its Australian home – showcasing local and ethical farmers, wineries, and breweries. Since 2018, Red Gum BBQ continues to be Australia’s only B Corp certified restaurant and is driven by a desire to be Good in every way. Our meat is always free range and grass-fed and traditionally smoked for up to 12 hours in giant, custom build, off-set pits. Owner-Pitmaster, Martin Goffin, has been celebrating BBQ with whole hogs since 2013 and is excited to bring his 4 custom built Hog Cookers to Meatstock this year – come for the Hog, whole bird, and large format beef. Stop by for hourly hog chops and get a taste of the oldest continuous form of BBQ in the US. While you’re there, stock up on Red Gum BBQ’s Signature Meat Rubs and Sauces – real, house-made, and delicious condiments that will bring the best of American BBQ to your own backyard.