Smoky Sue’s

Born from an unyielding love for Low & Slow barbecue, Smoky Sue’s has been Smoking up a storm since 2017. We didn’t just open a restaurant – we sparked a revolution. Tired of the same old BBQ routine, we dared to do Barbecue differently. We tossed the rule book into the smoker and emerged with a menu that’s anything but ordinary.

Sure, you’ll find your classic favorites like brisket and pork, but we didn’t stop there. We’re all about pushing boundaries and satisfying cravings. That’s why we dish up crowd-pleasers like burgers, tacos, and meat boxes that’ll make your taste buds crave more. Think Philly Cheesesteaks, Loaded Fries, Ribby Mc Ribface all influenced by Low & Slow Barbecue.

In 2023, we made a bold move. We pivoted from bricks-and-mortar locations to catering, parties, pop-ups, and events. Why? Because we believe barbecue should be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. We live for the moments when we see the pure joy on people’s faces – and the satisfied grins – as they dive into our mouthwatering creations. Smoky Sue’s, Barbecue Done Different!