Sweet Axe

In 2015, Sweet Axe Throwing Co. founders; Sarah Hilyard & Lloyd Bombell, took 8 mates to try axe throwing in Sydney. Lloyd instantly tapped into his inner lumberjack and discovered a natural aptitude. He was approached by the coach and told he had the right look, attitude & the skills to back it up. He was offered a job as an axe throwing coach on the spot, and hasn’t looked back!
Most peoples’ eyebrows lift in shock to hear about an axe throwing venue opening. The most common question being ‘is it safe?/is this a good idea?!?’. Lloyd chuckles, YES!
‘I get a lot of people doubting their abilities; that they’re not strong enough, or they’re just unsure. After a little tuition, I can get anyone of any size confidently landing their axe in the target. After that first THUNK of your axe in the wood, you’ll be addicted!’
During his 3 years of coaching new axe throwers, the worst injury Lloyd has seen is a splinter. 
“Our policy is Safety First!”
Meat and Axes just go together so well (of course our vego and vegan friends all love an axe throw as well- axes don’t discriminate!) 
Unleash your inner Lumberjack and give Axe throwing a go