Sydney BBQ’s and Rotisseries

We are Erik & Suzie, the husband and wife duo behind the scenes!

Our BBQ business venture started back in 2019 when Suzie was on maternity leave. We figured we’d start a side gig we were both familiar and passionate about.

We both grew up having family BBQs almost on a weekly basis, so BBQs and charcoal were definitely not foreign to us.

We started by selling charcoal out of our garage, and to our surprise there was a huge demand. Selling pallet loads at a time, we knew we were onto something.

Flash forward 4 years and we now have an online store ranging from charcoal, rubs, grills and rotisseries and a range of accessories including spit baskets, gyro discs, skewers, gloves, smoker tubes and more.

We are proud to sell to customers all over Australia, and proud of our little side gig.