The Buckleys

Dubbed “Hippie Country” for their feel-good music that doesn’t fit squarely into any one box, The Buckleys (out of Byron Bay, Australia) have been singled out by American Songwriter as “…something so cool and authentic that the world has no choice but to sit up and take notice.” 

After exploding the charts with four Top Five singles from their debut album Daydream, the sibling trio is back with a brand new 5 song EP Take It As It Comes. Showcasing a different side to the band with each new song, Take It As It Comes is absolutely the right package.

Daydream had so much diversity, there were so many different sounds we were playing with,” says Sarah Buckley, lead singer, bass player and principal songwriter of the group. “The people that love Daydream and the fans we’ve gathered, a lot of those people love us because of those reasons. We do change things up and we have so much musical diversity that we like to embrace.”

Recorded in Nashville and armed once again with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift, Lady A, Trisha Yearwood) Sarah (22), her brother Lachlan (21) and their sister Molly (19) ride into their new chapter with “Oops, I Love You,” the lead single released in June of 2022. Sunshiny and bright with a Sheryl Crow/Alice Peacock tinge, the tune is built on the same tone as their #1 single “Money,” making “Oops, I Love You” a fun and familiar bridge linking the band to their very recent past.

From there, Take It As It Comes explores four very different corners of the band.  The title track steps off in an acoustic, midtempo fashion but quickly ignites with its positive message of people coming together. Launching along a deep bass groove with some fuzz guitar, “What You Gonna Do About It” is chock full of spunky grit and badassery as it evolves quickly into a light, melodic chorus. Smoky and sweltering with an Aussie Zeppelin vibe buried within the riff, “Fool Me” has a darker tinge while “Love Me Wrong” is hippy and trippy with sashay slide guitar and old school movie excerpts interspersed within.

For all the promise Daydream showed, Take It As It Comes more than delivers on that promise. Fear not country fans, “Hippie Country” is alive and welland awesome.