The Real Jerk

After establishing ourselves at the forefront of Caribbean cuisine in Melbourne over the last 18 years via successful eating establishments as YEAH MAAN and BAX FOOD & CO, our catering arm CARIBBEAN FLING and the ever-popular BOSS MAN FOOD JERK HUT marquee… it was only the question of when and not if, that we have now entered the Food Truck market.

From the food vendors of Jamaica to the beaches of Trinidad and the islands beyond, the mouthwatering street food of the Caribbean is what we at THE REAL JERK are all about. Our recipes have been passed down the generations and our ingredients and spices are all imported from Jamaica, although on occasion we do strive to be creative and fuse the cuisines of the various nationalities, which are now part of Caribbean culture.

The Real Jerk (as our name suggests) will always strive to uphold the authenticity and tradition of Caribbean street food and will be the perfect option for your private or corporate functions, events and festivals as we offer an alternative to what is already available in the Melbourne Food Truck scene. THE REAL JERK…experience the Original, Authentic and Exotic in Caribbean street food.