WITLOFT is an artisan Dutch leather brand founded in 2014. Established from a love for cooking and furniture-making, WITLOFT leather aprons are perfect for those with a passion for quality, handcrafted and artisanal style products. Whether you are a barista or butcher, head chef or backyard barbeque king, woodcraftsman or DIY weekend warrior, with an authentic WITLOFT apron you can pursue your passion in style. WITLOFT aprons are not only functional, they are also true eye-catchers. Each apron is crafted by hand, from high quality vegetable-tanned saddle leather
of Dutch origin.

Leather, being a natural product, allows the aprons to age beautifully over time and wear, telling the story of the wearer and making each piece truly unique. WITLOFT aprons are available in combinations of grain leather and split leather and are available in different models and colors.