Meet YAHYAH rising singer/songwriter by way of New Zealand, London and Los Angeles. While she’s no stranger to the industry, her independent project will introduce a new side of the artist that fans have yet to see.

New Zealand born, YAHYAH’s Holly Cameron started out digging deep into the indie music scene of her time, before transporting to London at the fresh age of 16. Being at the heart of such a thriving musical city, YAH was quickly inspired and addicted.

YAHYAH’s sound is a collection of the musical influences that have been thrust upon her – from jazz to RnB .. to pop and dance music. Her blend of electronic pop has garnered her serious attention and acclaim in Aotearoa’s pop scene, and far beyond.

Her independent debut EP Unleash the Panda accelerated to the top 50 iTunes Pop charts. Off the back of this groundswell, her next move was to Los Angeles to write for rising artists such as Bailey Baum and Chantelle Paige. Through incredibly strong relationships with these exciting collaborators, she has built herself a name as a co-writer and strengthened her songwriting to no end.

Now in 2021 YAHYAH sets her sights on her own artistry once again.

Fans equate her new sound to “a lush mix of AlunaGeorge and Charli XCX”- a comparison any artist should wear with pride. YAHYAH’s growing following is eagerly anticipating this next release, and chapter for her art. Be it on stage or off, YAHYAH captures the attention of any room with her thunderous presence.