Bearded Bootlegger Co.

Bearded Bootlegger Co.
Born from the depths of bearded artistry and shaped by the varied and diverse needs of bristly cheeks and chins everywhere, The Bearded Bootlegger Co. has churned and crafted a selection of oils, balms and moustache wax specifically designed to moisturise, condition, soften and style our clients’ facial foliage.
Hand made from raw materials sourced ethically and locally from regional Australia, The Bearded Bootlegger Co. products are all made from natural and organic Australian products, ensuring that quality is at the heart of everything we do.
Through collaborating with The Barber’s Bru in Albury, we engaged directly with qualified barbers to better understand professional and individual frustrations with the existing products on the market. As a result of this collaboration, we identified a gap in the market for quality, natural products that are gentle on the skin without leaving a greasy, chemical-heavy residue. We have since successfully met this market demand for quality through extensive research and development processes, sampling and client engagement to ensure the balance we’ve achieved in our products is just right.
The popularity of The Bearded Bootlegger Co. oils, balms and moustache waxes has been driven by the brand’s ability to stand up to all the hype. Client feedback for these products has led to increasing numbers of salons and barbers now stocking The Bearded Bootlegger Co. products and using them on a preferred product basis.
With this growth in brand awareness and increasing stockist numbers, we have released a merchandising line offering stubby holders, clothing, caps and beard combs, with the development of more styling products currently on the way. Watch this space!