House of Shem

Like many legendary reggae groups “House of Shem” is built around the classic harmony trio format. At the helm is Carl Perkins, a man with over thirty years experience writing and playing reggae music. Joining him up front are two of his sons, Te Omeka and Isaiah who not only provide harmonies but both of […]

The Butlers

Hello & Welcome. We are The Butlers. Here to fill your ears with milky musical goodness.    

Dusty Boots

Dusty Boots brings an exciting mix of coastal folk with funky roots! With high energy at festivals Dusty & his band love to get the people dancing and jumping! Born in Byron Bay growing up on farmlands and days spent in the ocean, Jonny Dustow (Dusty) shares stories of nature & adventure with guitar loops, […]


There’s an old saying, popularised by The Breakfast Club: “you mess with the bull, you get the horns”. What does it mean? Not much really. Mostly that if you do something dangerous, you might get hurt. One dangerous thing you could do would be to miss the crazy, brass based, MC led explosion that is […]


VanderAa have just come off a world tour, a stand out highlight in their careers. Headlining a festival in Italy, performing at Burning Man in America and are apart of filming the documentary ‘The Meaning of Vanlife’. Guided from Australia to Burning Man, VanderAa helped facilitate a global drumming ceremony with the first nation people. […]