Mike Johnson

Hailing from a background in fine dining, chef Mike Johnson launched his culinary career under a young Emeril Lagasse before heading north to develop his skills under the expertise of Chicago’s Charlie Trotter and Gabino Sotellino. Johnson then traveled to Paris to train at the prestigious Le Buisson D’Ardent, and served a stint under Belgian […]

The BBQ & Brews Show

From the backyard BBQ to the shining lights of their garage studio, Reyan and Mark havebeen sharing their love of BBQ with the world on The BBQ & Brews Show since 2020, theystarted their show on Instagram and recently moved their live show to YouTube and now broadcast itacross multiple social media platforms. The BBQ […]

Grant Neal

Grant Neal a.k.a. Hollywood has been called Australia’s BBQ King and for good reason… not only is he a best-selling author and BBQ Pitmaster at Skinnymixers, but he has also walked away with a number of BBQ awards worldwide as The Smoking Joint BBQ Team (TSJ). He was the Australasian Barbecue Alliance 2022 BBQ Personality […]

Nikalene Riddle

Nikalene Riddle has written 15 best-selling healthy Thermomix® Cookbooks over the last 9 years, sold over 400,000 copies worldwide and gained an incredibly supportive online community called ‘Skinnymixers’ with over 237,000 followers. Nikalene’s passion for good food led her to discover the delicious world of barbecue in recent years and teamed up with Grant Neal […]

Martin Goffin

It was in 2002 that Martin Goffin fell in love with Southern-style BBQ on a trip to the US to visit his (now) wife Melissa. The couple travelled from Florida to Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee – visiting family, experiencing Southern hospitality and igniting in Martin a passion for BBQ that became an obsession and […]

Mike Patrick

Mike Patrick has refined his taste buds and skills over 20 years of commercial cooking. Having worked for five years as head chef of wood-fired pizzeria, Ladro, and two years as head honcho at Argentinian steak mecca, San Telmo, Mike decided to focus in on his true passion: BBQ. This led to Mike, along with […]