Ants Franklin

Ants Franklin is a classically trained chef of 18 years. For Ants the love of cooking with fire started at a young age cooking traditional cultural foods over hot rocks (Umu). Ants was introduced to the art of traditional American low & slow barbecue and fell in love with the simplicity of the low & […]

Art by Sigh

Hailing from a quiet fishing town, on a remote island off the southern tip of mainland Australia. This two-headed, bearded recluse spent his school days defacing textbooks and failing art class. Honing his artistic skills in the dive bars of the Southern Alps and venturing as far as the pirate spake shores of south-west England. […]

Hillbilly Wes

Australia’s celebrity pitmaster and Good Food AU winner Hillbilly Wes will be heading over the ditch once again in the name of BBQ. For Wes the meat sweats started in Lockhart, Texas, the Barbecue Capital of America, where he was mesmerised by the real deal Texan Barbecue. After travelling back and forth and working with […]

Tuffy Stone

Tuffy Stone is a classically trained French chef, television personality and accomplished pitmaster who can be considered the most successful guy on the competitive barbecue circuit over the last few years. He is a judge and host on the Destination America reality television show BBQ Pitmasters since 2009. Tuffy is the head cook on the […]