Chahoo BBQ

What’s your earliest and favorite memory of barbecuing?
Xmas time and cooking for the whole family.   its the type of thing that brings family together
Tell us a bit about your barbecue specialty?
My specialty is Rotisserie meat especially rolled Pork Roast. Skin has to be crackled up and tender throughout!!
So why barbecue, how did you get into it and how did you recruit your team?
I first started competing in Team BBQWAR and still do today.  We have just won the last Jack Daniels event at the Kumeu Hot Rod show.  I have big expectations for Meatstock and am hoping to create some mouth watering BBQ that scores well with the Judges.  I have a real passion for cooking amazing BBQ and the satisfaction when people enjoy it is why I love it so much.   I decided to create a new team Chahoo BBQ to try and showcase my skills as a NZ Pit master and have a turn at Leading a BBQ team.  Let’s just hope its successful and I can present some high quality BBQ :).
Straight up, what’s your favourite meat to barbecue?
Beef Short Ribs and Beef Cheeks.    They are so forgiving and just taste amazing.  Get them right and the will full apart and have tonnes of flavour!