Dan & Steph

Dan & Steph took out the My Kitchen Rules Grand champion title in 2013. Now they’re back for the My Kitchen Rules ‘Rivals’ series in 2020 where they show off their love for cooking once again.

Since winning the series in 2013, Dan and Steph have adopted the title of Sausage King and Queen after serving up multiple dishes featuring their take on the humble snag.

Dan & Steph have since opened their own restaurant in QLD’s Hervey Bay where they serve a variety of tantalizing dishes. They make and sell their very own gourmet sausages and have since published two cookbooks – ‘Eat @ Home and ‘Meat & Sweet’ where they show off their passion for the art of Low n Slow BBQ.

Dan & Steph have been working with SunPork Fresh Foods to develop a ‘MeatStock’ exclusive hot link that will be available at both Australian Festivals in 2020. Head to the SunPork stand for a taste, and keep an eye out for Dan & Steph on the main stage this year!