Huffman’s Sauces

Born out of Wellington, the result of years of work at the top of his field, master chef Nicholas Huffman’s sauces are amongst the finest sauces of their kind in the world with a World Champion Title, Gold and Silver Medals across the range.

The sauces are crafted to work as seasonings to bring balance and harmony to dishes so that they lift the flavours in the dishes rather than competing with them or overpowering them… you taste your food more with a little Huffs! 

A great deal of care goes into the selection of ingredients and the attention that goes in to the crafting of these sauces is  comparoable to that of the finest wine makers; the Original Chilli Pepper for example takes over a year to make and is barrel aged to give the sauce full contact with the pepper skins and seeds before its strained and bottled, with the barrels enjoying a gentle roll every month!