Meat Candy BBQ

Meat Candy BBQ was born from an idea I had while attending a bbq class i attended in Rotorua. I realised my absolute passion for the craft of low and slow. In the car leaving there I set this in motion. With the support of Shelley and my family we slowly started the wheels in  motion. First acquiring Stretch and then doing small , yet very popular pop-ups. The whole idea evolved fairly quickly from there and we purchased a small caravan. I remember a very famous line from the great Aaron Franklin . He said ..”the day we opened the trailer I had 28 cents in my account..” . So this is the model we are following. Don’t owe anyone anything and just do good bbq.
We are committed to the journey, the exciting part is it is ours !! The future is exciting for Meat Candy BBQ. Watch this space !!