Meat Smoke Eat

We’re a team of keen-as foodies with a particular focus on BBQ. Forbes is a Scotsman who’s found his way to Christchurch via Auckland where we met in over a love of both fishing and BBQ. We’re joined by Brendan who fits the typical kiwi bloke path to American BBQ. He was a traditional bangers over gas kind of BBQ’er but once exposed to the enhanced flavours and texture of low n slow he has added a Weber kettle, Kamado and pizza oven to his repertoire. I was lucky to spend a couple of years in the states in the 2000’s and discovered the beauty of this thing called Q and I’ve never looked back. At home i smoke on a 25 year old Texas Original and use the PrimeSmoke grill in comps.
We entered Meatstock 2017 because we love what we do and wanted to meet those with the same passion. Winning the Chicken section was a great honour and we’re keen to build on that this year!

The low n slow BBQ’ers best friend is patience. Open a beer, put up your feet and let the fire do the work for you! When you think it’s done, wait, have another siesta and then take it off.

A few years ago we had a dinner party and  were asked to bring desert. We took the ingredients but when we got there their oven was on the blink so we cranked up their Akorn and cooked the meringue on it – amazing flavour!

Our motto is far from fighting talk it’s “There’s no secrets in BBQ”. We want to encourage growth in the Low n Slow community and a n open, sharing environment is going to do that best. We’re not the worlds best BBQ team (yet) but we’re happy to share what we do with anyone who’s keen to learn.