Polish Club

One guitar. One voice. One drum kit — frequently bloodied, sometimes broken. The modest tools can only begin to tell the story of Polish Club, the sweat-soaked Aussie soul-punk two piece (sometimes three) with a heart-wringing knack for ass-kicking rock tunes and a gift for burning down every room they play.

2 guys, 4 sold out tours cross Australia, a Top 20 ARIA charts debut with a nominated Best Rock Album for the 2017 ARIA awards for debut album Alright Already, high rotation across triple j and Triple M, and a Hottest 100 single (Clarity, #76) it’s an impressive achievement for the pair.

“I think our strength is in the limitations of the two-piece band,” says the keeper of the aforementioned drums, John Henry. “When you’ve only got guitar and drums, you can’t just… play. You’ve got to give more. Physically.” 

As the blood on his knuckles attests, that’s the way it goes when he and singer-guitarist Novak hit the decks. That’s both on stage, where they’ve left a simmering throng of devotees dripping and spent across their home continent, with a run of prolific sold-out tours. It’s not only locally the duo have imprinted a burning desire in the hearts of audiences, but they also left their audiences craving more in New York, LA and Emerge Impact + Music Festival Las Vegas. 

With one foot dragging through the hazy past and the other dangling over the precipice of bad decisions, Polish Club second album, Iguana, the long-awaited follow-up to their dashing debut (out now), armed with some surprisingly different sonic weaponry. 

Now in 2020, Polish Club have been working very hard in the studio on new music. More to reveal soon.