The event is sanctioned by Competitive Eating Australia


Each competitor will be provided with

• A loaf of White Bread
• A bottle each of Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Mustard, each in a squeeze bottle.
• Platter of Sausages (15)
• Bottled Water

Competitors must place their hands flat on the table prior to the start of the competition. The judge will count in the start of the competition with a 3-2-1 count down.

Sausage and Bread must be constructed and sauced by the competitor one at a time sequentially. Each contestant must place a single sausage inside a single slice of bread and apply sauce to at least 50% of the sausage before eating commences.

Failure to construct and adequately sauce the Sausage and Bread will result in a 1 Sausage and Bread penalty.

Only one Sausage and Bread can be consumed at a time.

Construction of the next Sausage and Bread can commence only after the first Sausage and Bread is completely in the mouth (The previous Sausage and Bread can be chewed while the next Sausage and Bread construction begins).

At no time can there be two (2) pieces of bread in competitors’ hands at any time, or a 1 Sausage and Bread penalty will be applied. Consumption of the next Sausage and Bread can commence while there is still food in the mouth.

All Sausage and Bread must be consumed.

Any parts of the Sausage and Bread dropped either on the table or floor must be eaten for the Sausage and Bread to count.

Failure to do so will result in a 1 Sausage and Bread penalty.

Dunking the Sausage and Bread in the water or pouring of water over the Sausage and Bread is not permitted. 

“Picnic Style” rules apply At the end of the 3 minutes, chimpmunking will be allowed. Water may be consumed once the timer has elapsed.

A strict 30 second period to present an open mouth will be enforced. Should an empty mouth not be shown, one (1) entire Sausage and Bread will be deducted from the overall total, regardless of the amount eaten.

A judge will count each finished sausage sandwich successfully eaten in a total time of 3 minutes by way of how many sausages remain. In the chance that two individuals have eaten the same number of sausages, half sausages eaten will be counted. 

In the event of a tie across either a single or both rounds, a head-to-head battle will take place to see who can construct, sauce and eat one Sausage and Bread the fastest. Competitors must place their hands flat on the table prior to the start of the tiebreaker. The judge will count in the start of the competition with a 3-2-1 count down. The competitor who shows an open mouth first will be declared the winner.

The Grand Champion, Runner up and Third Place will be determined by the highest amount of eaten sausage sandwiches across the 2 rounds.

All contestants will be required to sign a waiver.

The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The prize(s) must be taken as stated and cannot be deferred. 

Terms of Entry

Registering to compete or Judge at a competition during Meatstock (the Contest) constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.  By entering the Contest, you accept and acknowledge full responsibility for your decision to participate in the Contest and warrant that you have legal capacity and authority to enter into this release.

By participating in the Contest, you forever and irrevocably release and hold harmless the event organisers Fat Apple Event Co, its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, their respective agents, and any the relevant parties.

To the full extent permitted by the law, the Relevant Parties will not be liable for any loss, damage, claim, cost, expense or personal injury suffered or sustained (including, but not limited to, that caused by any person’s negligence) by you in connection with the Contest, including:

• any indirect, economic or consequential loss or loss of profits;
• any loss arising from the negligence of a Relevant Party; and
• any liability for personal injury or death.

On agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are intending to be legally bound hereby, for yourself, heirs, executors and administrators, to waive and release any and all kinds of rights and claims for damages you may have against the owners and organisers of the Meatstock Festival and their contractors or sponsors, including the Relevant Parties, for any and all injuries and illness suffered as a result of participating as a judge or competitor in the Contest.

You acknowledge and accept that participating in the contest is not without risk and that your participation is at your own risk.

You warrant that you do not suffer from any medical condition that could affect your ability to participate in the Contest.

The Relevant Parties reserve the right to take any action necessary in their sole discretion at any time.

By entering the Contest you agree that:

if requested by a Relevant Party you will:
• participate in a promotional photo or video shoot in connection with the Contest;
• the Relevant Parties may record your participation in the Contest, use your name, image, comments, photographs or clips (“Materials”) for publicity and promotional purposes in any form of media, without reference or compensation to you or any other person;
• the Relevant Parties may use, reproduce, edit and communicate to the public the Materials at any time in any form of media;
• the Relevant Parties may licence, authorise or otherwise transfer the rights in the Materials to others to do the same; and
• you unconditionally and irrevocably consent to any act or omission that would otherwise infringe any of their moral rights in the Materials and waive all moral rights in the Materials.

The event organisers reserve the right, at their own sole discretion, to terminate, modify, or suspend the contest at any time.

Event Disclaimer and additional Terms of Entry

By entering the Contest, each entrant forever and irrevocably releases and holds harmless the event organisers, its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and their respective agents, advertising and promotion agencies, Contest partners and prize suppliers, and all of their respective employees, officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, and agents from and against all claims, damages, or liabilities arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from (a) entrant’s participation in the Contest, or Contest related activities or events, (b) entrant’s Submission, (c) entrant’s representations and agreements in these Official Rules, and (d) entrant’s award, receipt, or use of any prize awarded in the Contest. The event organisers reserve the right, at their own sole discretion, to terminate, modify, or suspend the Contest at any time. 

A waiver must be signed by each contestant.

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