Señor BBQ

Señor BBQ catered events, is not just about our traditionally charcoal grilled food, it’s a cultural immersion!

Surprise your guests with exotic aromas, irresistible flavours, the sensuous sounds of Latin America and the charisma of our crew. When choosing festivals and markets to attend, we aim at the ones with quality content and that promotes a progressive ethos (environmentally conscious, social justice, cultural diversity and original art).

Due to our arts and culture promotion background, our presence creates a little “Latin Fiesta”. Our customers’ reasons for buying our products are: Quality and uniqueness. When we set up in a market, the smell of charcoal grilled meat can become irresistible. We provide a colorful entertainment, with music, performance and sound system playing DJs Sakalamois and Mono Playlists (PBSFM).

We pride in the quality of our products, constantly engaging with our customers, generating feedback. Anyone who tray our food is likely to come back for more! We operate from a trailer with a marquee (it’s not a truck), we require an area of 3×3 or 3×6 (preferred) and a space for our small mobile coolroom.