Sticks and Bones BBQ

Sticks and Bones BBQ burst onto the scene in the last year,
With Chef & Owner Nicki at the helm.
Returning home from years as executive chef for a large vessel fleet in Europe.
She wanted to create something different & ever-changing to fulfil her creative & daring nature. Sticks and Bones was born… with a Silver Creek trailer Pitt & a 1950ʼs Carapark Caravan in tow the dream was a reality. 7 years ago Nicki discovered the process of ‘Smokingʼ Meats and Veg over 100% wood while working in a kitchen in Canada. Always knowing she would run a small business it was a light bulb moment of THIS IS IT!
Spending the next 3 years travelling the world tasing the best the smoking world had to offer.. America, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Japan & then building the