The Biltong Shed

We are Coert & Jess – aka The Biltong Shed crew.

Coert is our token South African, and makes sure all the biltong is real. Jess is the boss, and keeps everything else running!

Coert has been making Biltong started making Biltong in his flat in Melbourne and eventually moved back home to start making it commercially, having met Jess, the Shed started to gain popularity under her management.

The history of biltong goes back to the Dutch Voortrekkers travelling from the Cape inland into South Africa. They needed food to sustain themselves and realised that the only way to preserve meat, was to hang it out to dry.

Biltong is made using prime cuts of beef silverside.

Biltong is typically sold as long fillets of meat or more commonly as flat pieces cut across the grain of the meat that are in a ready to snack pack. It has a very distinctive taste following its lengthy preparation procedure and has therefore become a traditional South African delicacy enjoyed by many as a snack, at sporting events, when training, as a mid-afternoon snack or at home watching TV.