The Dessert Plate

The Dessert Plate is a group of foodies connecting those with a sweet tooth to Australian artisans crafting fantastic desserts. We do this with a touch of adventure and experimental joy as we take you down the rabbit hole of dessert decadence with an overload of chocolate themed desserts, so you can experiment with Alice in Wonderland as you follow the ‘eat me’ signs.
The main foodie is Kylie Suich. A chocoholic who used to own a dessert business making decadent chocolate fudge and chocolate truffles. She’s using the Dessert Plate as an excuse for constant taste testing.
For the Sweet Stock Area we’ll be showcasing some Melbourne based ‘bean to bar’ chocolatiers, hand made individual chocolates, chocolate coated toffee apples, chocolate coated honeycomb, chocolate coated Turkish delight, chocolate coated popcorn….and nougat with chocolate in it.  If you love chocolate, we’ve got you covered – including vegan and gluten free options.