The Pleasures

The Pleasures are Catherine Britt and Lachlan Bryan. It’s a collaboration that began with a few late-night texts and quickly spiralled into a feverish week of writing and recording in Melbourne, where the pair would dream up songs into the early hours, then head to the studio next morning to lay them down.

“Lachlan and I have always clicked in life and in song” explains Catherine, “and we’ve always had an unspoken understanding and respect for one another. These songs came so easy – they flowed out of us like a raging stream. I just want more honest, real music in the world and I couldn’t think of a better person to make it with!” 

The songs themselves sound like they’ve emerged from another time and space. They are heavy and satisfying in the way classic country and Americana twang should be, augmented by sparse but impactful production and the stunning blend of two of Australia’s most distinctive country voices. Themes of recklessness abound.