Wayne Mueller (USA)

3rd generation pit-master. Over 70 years of barbecue experience.

Louie Mueller bbq is where people came to experience their first bbq epiphany, Aaron Franklin, Daniel Vaughn, Wyatt McSpadden, Mike Levi, Don Henley and countless others who now have their own pits and restaurants and pay homage to Bobby and Louie Mueller for illuminating the way.

Louie Mueller BBQ is the fountainhead of Central Texas BBQ and its high temple is the Cathedral of Smoke…

I was named #4 most influential BBQ Pitmaster/personality in America by Fox News 2015 (behind only Aaron Franklin, Myron Mixon and John Markus, co-star, co-star and producer of the TV program ‘Pitmasters’), Daniel Vaughn tabbed me a Top 5 BBQ Pitmaster in Texas 2013, my beef rib was named both Best BBQ Dish in the World and Tastiest Feast in the World by Foodie Hub (76 countries, 250 international cities), it was awarded Best Rib in America in 2015 (Today We Feast) and #2 Best Ribs in America on Food Networks ‘Best of Restaurants’ – Ribs.

Two of my bbq sauces have won First place at sauce competitions and my Honey jalapeño lamb pops are a delicacy (and people choice winner of Austin Lamb Jamb 2017)

Here’s what Jim Shahin from the Washington Post said was his most influential bbq place in America (Louie Mueller BBQ)