Back in 1952, a love of good barbecue lit a fire under George Stephen. An employee of Weber Brothers Metal Works just outside of Chicago, George welded metal buoys for a local yacht club. But that’s not all he did: George loved to barbecue. With a growing family at home, he found barbecuing the perfect way to relax, but couldn’t find a barbecue on the market that lived up to his high expectations.
One day, George was about to weld two buoy halves together when the idea hit: Why not use the bottom half for the cooking bowl, and the top half for the lid to create a barbecue? Back at the metal works, where he worked, his idea began to take shape as he chopped a metal buoy in half, added air vents and legs and the original kettle barbecue was born. He realised it looked more than a bit weird, but he proudly took it home to try it out, the rest of which, is history.
Well, until 1978 when Ross McDonald and his love of barbecue brought Weber to the Australian population. Since then, we’ve loved working with the Australian people, sharing their passions, innovations and simple love for good barbecue food.
People tell us they believe their Weber barbecue is an investment in a lifestyle choice. You get so much more than simply an amazing barbecue, cooking experience and incredible warranty guarantees. You get the best customer service team going around. They’re not just there in case something happens, they’re there to assist with cooking advice, general know how, and to listen to any and all suggestions you might have.
Built to last, your Weber will ensure you experience incredible food, and a lifetime of memories. At Weber, we’re a family that looks after our own. So, now that you’ve purchased your first Weber barbecue, all we want to say is welcome to the family, and to a lifetime of incredible experiences.