Kiwi Blade Knives

Kiwi Blade Knives is the home of handmade and customised knives that are as unique and flavoursome as the individuals that own them.

Why do we make individualised knives?
Because they are special and authentic and we like to do things a little bit differently here. Every knife has to be a pleasure to look at and hold, as well as to use. And being handmade, no one knife is ever exactly the same as another.

Individualisation and customisation is what Auckland knife maker, Willie van Niekerk, is all about. Designing to your requirements – it’s all about how your knife works for you.
Based in Auckland, Willie van Niekerk, is passionate about knives and making the perfect knife to fit your specs. He’s also rather partial to a good South African braai himself.
Knives and meat … it’s a marriage made in heaven.

As Willie likes to say, “you can’t cut carrots (or meat) with your fingers”.
Give him a call if you are after something special: 022 464 7499
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