The Taipa Salt Pig

Salt, its an ancient product that throughout history has been treasured and traded by nations and cultures from all corners of the globe. It is also now one of the most valued products in modern gastronomy, much sought after by chefs around the world to enhance the flavours of their food.

The Taipa Salt Pig takes crystal clear sea water from a pristine beach called Puheke on the Karikari Peninsula in the Far North of New Zealand. Using just the power of the sun the water is slowly evaporated to produce the purest sea salt you will find anywhere.

Apart from adding a few flavours to tempt your taste buds our salt is completely unrefined and that’s what we think makes our salt so special. It is nothing but the pure taste of the wide blue Pacific Ocean, made in a truly sustainable way.

Especially for Meatstock we have developed four new flavours that we think will enhance the taste of meat for all you hearty carnivores out there.