Busby Marou

The overwhelming feeling that emanates from BUSBY MAROU is joy. Tom’s playful onstage presence combined with Jeremy’s freakish instrumental ability has cemented their reputation as one of the most loved live bands to come out of Australia in recent times. They have created a completely unique vibe based on Tom’s everyman’s approach to story telling […]

Benny Walker

Hailing from regional Victoria, Indigenous singer/songwriter Benny Walker is the real deal. His love songs and epic tales are mixed with passion for the land, the people, summer vibes and deep grooves are the elements that reach the soul. Recent offerings SAVE and Oh No You Don’t shot to No. 1 on the AMRAP charts; […]

The Little Quirks

The Little Quirks are a young, all-girl Central Coast trio made up of siblings Abbey and Mia and their cousin Jaymi. They have a folk/contemporary acoustic sound with an amazing blend of mandolin, guitar and drums. They have a natural ability to produce mesmerising harmonies that add to their unique interpretations of modern (and older) […]

Mojo Juju

It is also brutal and relentlessly real. Since cutting her teeth and making a name for herself on the Australian touring circuit in the late 2000s, Mojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga, a.k.a Mojo Juju, has been many things to many people. She’s been a troubadour, a soothsayer, a shapeshifter and a darn good songwriter.

The Sweet Jelly Rolls

2 mates, 3 chords & a shitload of fun! Country & blues singin’, harmonica ringin’, Kick drum bangin’, dive bar hangin’, Smokers of darts, breakers of hearts, Whiskey shootin’, boot skootin’, A loveable duo of two old souls, Sydney’ own Sweet Jelly Rolls…

Adrian Eagle

Soul singer/song-writer born & raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Adrian Eagle vocalises over reggae, soul, hip-hop & acoustic flavored beats. Adrian shares his journey of overcoming suicidal mental health issues & weighing a life-threatening 270kg when he was 17yrs old in the and hopes to help other kids battling mental health issues with his message […]

Frank Sultanta

A late-night set in an inner-city bar, or a festival stage, solo or fronting his band, chances are that this ‘new’ bluesman has played somewhere in your neck of the woods in the last 5 years. Frank Sultana tells stories of loss, betrayal and revenge, set in imaginary backwater towns inhabited by strangely likeable yet […]

Henry Wagons

Henry Wagons is a true renaissance man, with a unique swagger reminiscent of a day when front men gave back bucket loads of charm and were shrouded in enigmaticmystery. Unanimously lauded as one of one of Australia’s great entertainers, a Henry Wagons show is a true sight to behold, be it alone with his guitar, […]