Black Iron Smokers

Black Iron Smokers are coming to Meatstock Melbourne these guys are the quiet achievers of Australian Barbecue. Fresh from a very recent trip from the home of BBQ, in Austin Texas, they will be cooking there Traditional BBQ menu on their Custom Built Silvercreek stick burner “The Gangster”.The Barbecue is on point and more authentic […]

Bovine & Swine

Low and slow is how they like it in Texas and that’s how Bovine & Swine make it. We live and breathe classic barbecue. Smoking starts at 5 AM every day for that perfect bark, melt in your mouth texture and smokey taste that we love. Come on down and see what we’re all about!

Black Barrel Barbecue

Black Barrel Barbecue specialises in American-Style slow smoked meats, including a variety of ribs, brisket and pulled pork, served with traditional sides.

Kansas City Bill’s BBQ

BBQ in the US is very different by region, with Kansas City famous for slow cooked Pork Ribs, and “Burnt Ends”, which is a Kansas City specialty made from Beef Brisket. Kansas City is also known for tomato based, sticky. sweet BBQ Sauce, (which has become the standard BBQ Sauce used nationwide). Bill’s Chipotle BBQ […]

Big Smoke BBQ

Big Smoke BBQ is an American style BBQ food vendor that specialise in Low and Slow cooked meat. We bring our trailer pit to events that create a talking point with guests as the smell of smoke and meat fill the air. We have been catering for 2 years and have done a number of […]

Black Bear BBQ

BlackBear BBQ began with a passion for barbecue, offering mouth-watering meats hot from the smoker at food festivals around Sydney. In August 2017, BlackBear BBQ opened the doors at their Blacktown store delivering some of the best brisket, ribs and sides you have tasted. BlackBears menu consists of locally sourced produce, smoked in the traditional […]

Fancy Hank’s

Fancy Hank’s has quickly become one of Melbourne’s most popular BBQ joints. Serving up real wood-fired BBQ, they pride themselves on being “all smoke and no mirrors”. On top of their signature Southern-style BBQ, they are kitted out with a range of house-made sauces that are guaranteed to tickle the fancy of any BBQ lover. […]

Parrilla Argenchino BBQ

We are a mobile catering business cooking traditional Argentinian Parrilla BBQ. Our BBQ are custom made from stainless steel and using charcoal on our BBQ to cook all different type of food from meats, chicken, seafood and also Veggie sticks.

Rangers Texas BBQ

Rangers Texas BBQ brings the traditional taste of Texas Style Low and Slow BBQ to Australia. Established in 2014 Rangers Texas BBQ has smoked its way through many Festivals and Events on its custom made wood fired trailer Pit. The highlight being the headlined Food Stall at the inaugural Meatstock Sydney in 2016. Come and […]